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The First Luxury Apartments in Grimsby: A Breath of Freshness

Oct, 10, 13

On the far end of the Niagara region, Grimsby is a small town on Lake Ontario. The town enjoys a country lifestyle. Urbanization has not yet started in the quaint little place. The residents enjoy a peaceful calm living here. The town is chock full of wineries and is a regular attraction for wine tours in the Niagara region.

Real estate in Grimsby is prized nowadays due to the shortage of available land. Grimsby cannot expand anymore due to the town being naturally bound by the lake and the Niagara escarpment. The Greenbelt Plan, introduced by the government to protect green space and forests, has also caused shortage of any space for expansion.

Most residential accommodation consists of houses on the beautiful farmland of the town. Apartments in Grimsby are few and far in between. The few that exist are low-rise and old-fashioned. A resident of Hamilton who had been considering moving to Grimsby explained, “I really like the serene environment of Grimsby, but there are no modern accommodations available in the place!”

Ontario-based real estate builder, LJM developments, recently announced their plans to build a high-rise nine-storey structure providing condominiums for sale along with rental apartments, in Grimsby. The building is to be built using state-of-the-art architectural techniques according to LJM developments. A spokesperson from the developers says, “People want to live the kind of life Grimsby offers. But most of us also want modern housing options along with the great community that Grimsby already has. We, at LJM, have realized this and the combination of the two factors is what we plan to bring to the people.”