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Real-Estate Development
LJM Developments Inc (LJM)’s core focus is construction and management of commercial and residential properties. LJM leads the development of residential projects that include detached homes, townhomes, mid-size residential community buildings, and high-rise residential towers. LJM’s commercial focus is on mid-sized retail plazas, office centers, and commercial units in residential buildings. Contemporary architecture and environmentally friendly designs are a cornerstone of LJM’s strategy in real-estate development.
Property Management
LJM Developments manages a diverse portfolio of properties across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The company specializes in managing Condominiums, Town homes, Dethatched Homes, and Commercial units. LJM offers property management services for portfolio of assets, and single holdings. LJM also maintains its own portfolio of real-estate investments that include over 30 properties. The company manages a robust pipeline of opportunities that include real-estate projects, industrial use buildings, and agriculture land. For property management services please email:
Real-Estate Advisory Services
LJM Development’s real estate advisory services help companies make more informed decisions in real-estate acquisitions and management. LJM’s vast and diverse expertise in the real-estate market has equipped the company to provide unparalleled insight into the changing landscape of the real-estate market.
Food and Hospitality
LJM Development’s hospitality focus considers investments in hotel developments, hotel condominium developments, and restaurants. The company owns and manages Fraticelli’s Italian Bar and Grill in Burlington – a 300 seat high-spec Italian restaurant. LJM also manages investments in the Restaurant space in New York City and is focused on expanding its footprint in the Hospitality industry.
Small Business Investment and LEAP Program
LJM Development’s business development division seeks lucrative investment opportunities in small to medium sized enterprises spanning manufacturing, software, IT, and service-based businesses. LJM also promotes Entrepreneurship in its local communities through its LJM Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (LEAP). The program’s primary aim is to provide funding, office space, and strategic advice to young Entrepreneurs and accelerate growth of their enterprise. Given LJM’s own successful history of starting out as a small enterprise, LEAP is a means for the company to promote a similar enterprising energy.